RevereTV was established on June 1st 2008 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) based organization. Since then, RevereTV has been responsible for the management and operation of the Public, Education and Government Access channels for the City of Revere. Primarily funded by franchise fees passed through from the current cable provider, Comcast. RevereTV is Revere’s Media Center, providing resources, training, and channel time to members of the Revere community.

Mission Statement
RevereTV’s mission is to provide the community with access to electronic media, training and channel time so that members have a forum to communicate their ideas, information, and concerns to the community-at-large. RevereTV strives to involve the diverse population of Revere as producers and viewers, and to strengthen its efforts through collaborations with a wide variety of community institutions

RevereTV is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors and it is through the hard work of those members, along with the staff and volunteers, that the mission of RevereTV is realized.